Trial of Love
Episode 20
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Trial of Love (愛の試練 Ai no Shiren) is the twentieth episode in the anime series.


Kyohei becomes upset when he finds out that Sunako's anatomical mannequin, Hiroshi, is more important to her than he is. It is revealed that Sunako found Hiroshi in a dumpster during a downpour after she was insulted by her middle-school crush two years ago. When Kyohei goes to the convenience store, a group of female students steal Hiroshi. This later causes Sunako to panic, as she sets out to look for Hiroshi, but to no avail. She later finds Hiroshi stolen by the group of female students, as they demand to obtain Kyohei. Sunako refuses but Kyouhei goes in order to help Sunako. They become worried. Moments later, Kyohei is seen carrying Hiroshi with him, as he tells the others that the girls were satisfied just by serving him cookies and seeing him bare shirted.

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