Tamao Kikunoi
Age 16
Gender Female
Height 168cm (5' 6")
Personal Status
Occupation Student
Relatives Ranmaru Morii (fiancée)

Unnamed Sibling

First appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 41
Anime Debut Episode 14
Seiyū Erika
Voice Actor Luci Christian

Tamao Kikunoi is Ranmaru Morii's fiancé. She also later became close friends with Noi Kasahara and Sunako Nakahara


Tamao has a long, straight blonde hair with a pair of grey eyes. When she visits Ranmaru at the mansion, she is seen wearing a baby-blue knee-lenght dress with necklace. At school, her top uniform is white with a ribbon in the middle of the sleeves, while the bottom part is a navy-blue skirt. 


Unnamed and known in the manga as only as "Princess" until chapter 111 where she reveals her name as "Tamao" for the first time. Tamao is the fiancée of Ranmaru because of an arranged marriage by both their parents. She is extremely wealthy and studies at an all-girls school.

Aside from hoping Tamao's calm demeanor will change Ranmaru's womanizing habits that sometimes get him into trouble or heart-broken, both Ranmaru's parents are extremely fond of her and would like her to become their daughter-in-law. Her character is a perfect example of a "lady" as she foils Noi's loud mouth and Sunako's un-ladylike nature. Despite Ranmaru's playboy qualities, she has fallen in love with him, to the extent of admitting her feelings. His rejection of her does not faze her, hoping that eventually Ranmaru would come to eventually feel the same way. That confession made Ranmaru become attracted to her as her determination is what started to make him have feelings for her.

However, Ranmaru broke her heart when she caught him with another woman and caused Ranmaru to have extreme guilt for his womanizing actions. But she couldn't bring herself to hate him as he is her first love, and Ranmaru realizes his habits of flirting with women are out of control and thinks if he and Tamao get married it could lead to a miserable marriage if he continues down this path. So he starts to change for Tamao's sake.


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