Mrs. Takano is the mother of Kyohei Takano.

Unlike her son who is extremely beautiful, she and her husband, along with Kyohei's older brother, are normal looking people. She has a pale and tired looking complexion, with brown hair that's tied in a sideways ponytail and brown eyes that have bags under them due to stress from Kyohei's fangirl's.

Before Kyohei lived in the mansion, he was harassed by many girls in his neighborhood and was unable to hold a job due to them and his bosses sexually harassing him, and often times it gets so bad he had to fight them and the police had to detain him multiple times to the point his mother doesn't remember how many. She had to bail him out many times, and the fangirls would call him and leave him gifts constantly, the stress got to his mother so badly that she started to take her frustrations out on him.

When he went to live in the mansion, she was happy to finally get peace and quiet, but comes to regret it as she lost her son and she never meant to blame him for what the fangirl's and previous bosses did and that it wasn't his fault he was born incredibly beautiful.

Because of Kyohei's inhuman beauty, she often questions how she and her husband were able to produce such a beautiful child. She debates whether it's a genetic mutation, or if it's supernatural as she and Kyohei view his looks as a curse as not only does it put stress on her and her son, Kyohei believes no one will ever love him for who he is because they'll either love him for his looks or it'll cause people problems like it did his parents.

She and her son were able to make up, but Kyohei tells her they can't see eachother anymore as he doesn't want his mother to go through the fangirls obsessive ways again, and she cries from remorse and heartbreak.

While she took out most of her frustration out on Kyohei before he left, she puts all the blame on herself thinking she couldn't do enough for her son who never asked for his cursed beauty and being harassed by people, and she blames her husband for letting things get out of control by not being there to help them as he traveled for work and flirted with younger girls.

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