Age 34
Gender Female
Height 164cm (5' 4")
Personal Status
Relatives Sunako Nakahara (daughter)

Mr.Nakahara (husband)
Mine Nakahara (sister-in-law)

First appearance
Anime Debut Episode 21

Mrs.Nakahara is the wife of Mr.Nakahara and the mother of Sunako Nakahara.

Appearance Edit

Mrs. Nakahara is a very beautiful and attractive woman with waist-length black or dark-purple hair and dark eyes. She wears a light-blue long sleeve shirt with a long white skirt and purple heels.

Personality Edit

Mrs. Nakahara is a kind and caring mother who supports her daughter no matter what.

Trivia Edit

- It is noted that she is much younger than most women with daughter's of Sunako's age, which suggests that she must've been young when she gave birth to Sunako.

- Mrs. Nakahara is also very strong as she can carry her much larger husband.


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